Deep Tissue Massage


    The key to pain-free movement

  • About me

    I'm a Professional Fasciatherapist and Bodyworker based in Wiesbaden, Germany

    Peter Scholten, English Speaking Therapist in Wiesbaden, Germany

    Peter Scholten

    Hi, I'm Peter Scholten, a certified Senmotic© Fasciatherapist with over ten years of experience in the field. I am also the author of "The Bad Back Manual", which aims to stop people making the lifestyle mistakes that cause bad posture and physical pain.


    I believe that people can only truly be proficient in any discipline if they specialise in it. Once I had discovered fasciatherapy and seen the results for myself, I decided to specialise in that alone. I believe that fasciatherapy is perhaps the most effective approach for treating back pain, neck pain and posture-related problems - for people and for horses.


    I have successfully treated clients with many different posture and physical pain problems. In addition to correcting those problems through myofascial release techniques, I aim to ensure that clients gain a better understanding of their own bodies and how to avoid making the mistakes that lead to or exacerbate the problems they experience. My clients have included dancers, yoga teachers, engineers, sportspeople and military personnel, amongst others.


    Good posture and natural pain-free movement are two sides of the same coin, which is why I have also created an online course, entitled: "Improve Your Posture and Get Rid of Your Back Pain".


    I have practiced Martial Arts for more than thirty years and have been a professional therapist since 2007.


    I speak fluent English, German and French.

    Peter Scholten, English Speaking Therapist in Wiesbaden, Germany

    Peter Scholten

    Hi, I'm Peter Scholten, a certified Senmotic© Fasciatherapist with over ten years of experience in the field. I am also the author of "The Bad Back Manual", which aims to stop people making the lifestyle mistakes that cause bad posture and physical pain.


    I believe that people can only truly be proficient in any discipline if they specialise in it. Once I had discovered fasciatherapy and seen the results for myself, I decided to specialise in that alone. I believe that fasciatherapy is perhaps the most effective approach for treating back pain, neck pain and posture-related problems.


    I have successfully treated clients with many different posture and physical pain problems. In addition to correcting those problems through myofascial release techniques, I aim to ensure that clients gain a better understanding of their own bodies and how to avoid making the mistakes that lead to or exacerbate the problems they experience. My clients have included dancers, yoga teachers, engineers, sportspeople and military personnel, amongst others.


    Good posture and natural pain-free movement are two sides of the same coin, which is why I have also created an online course, entitled: "Improve Your Posture and Get Rid of Your Back Pain".


    I have practiced Martial Arts for more than thirty years and have been a professional therapist since 2007.


    I speak fluent English, German and French.

  • What is Fasciatherapy or Myofascial Release Therapy?

    Healthy fascia (connective tissue), is critical for natural, pain-free movement

    Myofascial Release Technique

    Connective Tissue: The Key to Good Posture

    Fasciatherapy can improve your posture and eliminate back pain

    Fasciatherapy, also known as Myofascial Release Therapy, aims to eliminate restrictions and tensions in the connective tissue that cause pain and poor posture.


    It is not simply a massage technique, but a treatment of the entire fascia network (connective tissue). Connective tissue has only recently been 're-discovered' by science as the 'missing link' in effective physical therapy.


    Our fascia is a web of elastic, hyaluronic-rich membranes inside our bodies that encase muscles and organs, connecting them to each other and the skeletal structure.


    Tension and movement restrictions in the body can be caused by many factors, including injury, repetitive strain, conditions such as scoliosis or other birth defects, physically challenging working conditions (including long hours sitting in front of a computer!), lack of movement, and psychological issues. Once tension is created and damaging postural habits set in, fascia starts to lose elasticity and can no longer perform its essential flexible connective function.


    Fasciatherapy aims to reanimate the fascial membranes, allowing them to become rehydrated, regain their suppleness and release tension, thus breaking the cycle that 'fixes' poor posture and unhealthy movement patterns.

      Improve Your Posture at our Wiesbaden Practice

      Fasciatherapy for vibrant health

      It's not just about getting rid of pain - it's about achieving vibrant health

      This type of therapy is highly successful at addressing the following issues:

      • lower back pain
      • shoulder or neck pain
      • muscle and joint stiffness or pain
      • restricted mobility and poor quality of movement
      • general poor physical performance
      • fatigue and stress
      English Speaking Massage Therapist in Wiesbaden

      Senmotic fasciatherapy

      We produce outstanding results by working with the nervous system

      Senmotic therapy, as taught by founder Frank W. Demann, often produces astonishing improvements in posture and movement quality. We achieve this not only by using highly effective fascial release techniques, but by teaching your nervous system more efficient movement patterns at the same time. This sets Senmotic fasciatherapy apart from simple massage-therapy methods.

    • The Bad Back Manual

      Everything you need to know about posture-related back pain and how to avoid it

      Bad Back Manual book by Peter Scholten, fascia-therapist

      My book, "The Bad Back Manual"

      e-book: UK - US - CA - DE

      Print: UK - US - CA - DE

    • My Online Course

      Improve your posture at home with this unique course

      "Improve Your Posture and Get Rid of Your Back Pain!" 

      Video course with over three hours of content

    • How to Get Here

      By car, bus or on foot from town - we're easy to find!

      Parking spaces are generally available just around the corner from the practice on Nixenstrasse - when you turn into Nixenstrasse you will see spaces on the left-hand side which are free. There are more spaces on the right-hand side which should be paid for using the ticket machine - the cost is €0.50 for 3 hours.


      Access to the practice is through the private parking space and side entrance to the left of the main house - you will see the doorbells to the right-hand side of the door - just ring for Scholten/Senmotic.

    • FAQ

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When to consider fasciatherapy

      Fasciatherapy is an alternative treatment that does not pretend to offer a cure for all ills. It cannot replace a consultation with your GP or doctor.


      Our experience shows that better movement quality and better posture can have a positive effect on people suffering from pain or other musko-skeletal disorders - neck, shoulder and lower back pain can often be reduced or eliminated.


      It can also improve performance in sports, dance and other physical activities.


      Clearly, improvements in movement quality and relief from pain lead to a host of psychological benefits, including better sleep quality, less anxiety, and relief from stress, fatigue and headaches.

      When not to consider fasciatherapy

      We do not recommend fasciatherapy if:

      • you are pregnant
      • you are significantly overweight
      • you use anti-depressants or other psychotropic medicine
      • you are currently dealing with any major health problems (cancer, etc.)

      Please mention any present or past health issues before the first session. Also, please let me know about any other drugs or treatments you might currently be following.

      In case of doubt, please ask your doctor about possible contraindications with regards to fasciatherapy.

      What happens during the first session?

      We start by analyzing your movement patterns and posture. The fasciatherapy treatment itself takes place on a massage table. The therapist will use a deep but non-invasive pressure on your connective tissue, thus reducing tension and movement restrictions.

      The treatment is generally painless, though people tend to have different levels of sensitivity.

      How many sessions do I need?

      A complete cycle of 10 sessions is usually recommended, although the first three sessions in the cycle can sometimes be sufficient. Each session takes between 75 and 120 minutes, at the end of which you will be instructed in a short exercise to be practiced at home in order to ensure the lasting effect of the treatment.

      When and how often?

      Consider taking one session every fortnight. A ten-session cycle will take you about four to six months. This gives you enough time to improve your posture and movement patterns in everyday life, thus ensuring that the benefits of the treatment are long term.

      Once the cycle is completed, you do not need additional sessions for at least a year, if at all. After that, one or two sessions a year is usually sufficient.

      Cost and payment

      One session costs €180 or $200 US. We accept both currencies. You will usually pay cash on the day of your session, but you can also use Paypal if preferred. The cost includes German VAT (19%) and you will receive a receipt by e-mail.

      The cost for fasciatherapy is unfortunately not usually reimbursed by health insurance plans.

      Department of Defense personnel may be eligible to use the U.S. Forces Tax-Relief Program to avoid paying VAT for this service. We participate in this program. Please make sure to bring the NF VAT form to your appointment.

      Do you also work in the UK?

      I often travel to different parts of the UK. If the legal and practical conditions are met, I'm happy to discuss potential training or treatment courses.

    • Personalised Treatments for International Clients

      Solutions tailored to your needs

      International Clients

      Many of my clients come to me as a last resort, having tried many of the other better known therapies, including traditional physiotherapy and osteopathy. Unfortunately, with fasciatherapy still relatively unknown in many countries, it can be difficult to find a properly trained fasciatherapist where you live.


      For clients outside Germany, I am happy to discuss tailored treatment programmes whereby a series of fasciatherapy sessions can be delivered over the course of several days or longer. The Senmotic fasciatherapy programme is usually based around a series of 3 or 10 sessions, but for clients visiting from abroad we can adapt the number of sessions depending on your needs and time frame.


      Getting to Wiesbaden via Frankfurt

      My practice is located in the German city of Wiesbaden, an easy 30-minute car journey or direct 40-minute train journey from Frankfurt International Airport. Wiesbaden is a beautiful historical city which offers a range of comfortable accommodation options and I am happy to offer recommendations on request.


      Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or telephone for an initial consultation. I can then decide whether I think a series of sessions would be appropriate and we can discuss further details. I speak fluent English, German and French.


      Please note that I will only take on clients if I feel there is a good chance of achieving results. I cannot guarantee that your problems will be solved but many clients find that fasciatherapy turns out to be the most effective solution and offers long-term relief from back pain, neck pain and a range of posture-related problems.


      I have successfully helped many different types of people, including former professional dancers, yoga teachers, sportspeople, and military personnel – some of my clients have left reviews on Google so feel free to read through those.

      International consultations

      I am also available for private consultations abroad for clients who are unable to travel to Germany - please get in touch to discuss your needs.

    • Contact Me

      Don't be afraid to reach out, I'm happy to answer your questions.

      My landline: 0611-88027313

      My mobile phone: 0173-9700857

      ... or you can send me an e-mail:

    • Learn Martial Arts

      Efficient self-defence and fluid movement!

      Martial Arts Classes in Wiesbaden

      Senmotic Functional Defence is a martial art form that shares roots with Wing Chun. The latter is a style of martial arts that became famous mainly through Bruce Lee, who later adapted it into Jeet Kune Do.


      This famous "street fighting style" has since undergone many improvements, especially with regard to bio-mechanics and training methods (Neuro-Tactile-Programming). Some things still look familiar though, like the Sil-Nim-Tao solo form (which provides deep relaxation and releases tension) and the sticky hands exercise, also known as chi-sao. Sparring and more realistic fighting situations become part of the training, too - when the student is ready.


      Today, Senmotic Functional Defence is not only a very efficient form of self-defence, it is also a fascinating and instructive way to learn about bio-mechanics, anatomy and self-awareness (mindfulness). I teach in English, German or French in individual lessons of sixty to ninety minutes in my Wiesbaden practice. I teach to black belt level in traditional martial arts as well as beginner's level.


      A sixty minute individual lesson costs €60. By appointment only.

    • Legal Notice

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    In diesem Zusammenhang wiesen wir darauf hin, dass auf den Webseiten von MailChimp Cookies eingesetzt und damit personenbezogene Daten durch MailChimp, deren Partnern und eingesetzten Dienstleistern (z.B. Google Analytics) verarbeitet werden. Auf diese Datenerhebung haben wir keinen Einfluss. Weitere Informationen können Sie der Datenschutzerklärung von MailChimp entnehmen. Wir weisen Sie zusätzlich auf die Widerspruchsmöglichkeiten in die Datenerhebung zu Werbezwecken auf den Webseiten http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ und http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ (für den Europäischen Raum) hin.
    Sie können den Empfang unseres Newsletters jederzeit kündigen, d.h. Ihre Einwilligungen widerrufen. Damit erlöschen gleichzeitig Ihre Einwilligungen in dessen Versand via MailChimp und die statistischen Analysen. Ein getrennter Widerruf des Versandes via MailChimp oder der statistischen Auswertung ist leider nicht möglich.
    Einen Link zur Kündigung des Newsletters finden Sie am Ende eines jeden Newsletters.
    3 COOKIES - und ein affiliate link zu Senmotic Produkten
    Wir verwenden keine Cookies, die es erlauben, ihr Verhalten im Netz weiter zu verfolgen und geben solche Daten auch nicht weiter. Die einzige Ausnahme ist ein sogenannter Affiliate-Link zu Produkten rund um Senmotic auf den Webseiten von Frank Demann. Hier erhalten wir eine kleine Prämie, wenn Sie über unsere Seite ein Produkt erwerben. Auch diese Daten löschen wir auf formlose Anfrage gerne und umgehend. 
    Das Akzeptieren von Cookies ist keine Voraussetzung zum Besuch unserer Webseiten. Jedoch weisen wir Sie darauf hin, dass unsere Webseite und Service nur eingeschränkte Funktionalitäten hat, wenn Sie es uns nicht erlauben Cookies zu setzen. 
    3.1 Was sind Cookies? Cookies sind kleine Dateien, die auf Ihrem Computer gespeichert werden und die bestimmte Einstellungen und Daten zum Austausch mit unserem System über Ihren Browser speichern. Grundsätzlich unterscheidet man 2 verschiedenen Arten von Cookies, sogenannte Session-Cookies, die gelöscht werden, sobald Sie Ihren Browser schließen und temporäre/permanente Cookies, die für einen längeren Zeitraum oder unbegrenzt auf Ihrem Datenträger gespeichert werden. Diese Speicherung hilft uns, wiederholte logins zum Online Kurs zu vermeiden oder um die Kaufabwicklung im Online-Shop durchführen zu können.
    3.2 Welche Cookies verwenden wir? Die meisten der von uns verwendeten Cookies werden nach Ende der Browser-Sitzung (Ende der Session) automatisch wieder von Ihrer Festplatte gelöscht (daher auch Session-Cookies). Session-Cookies werden beispielsweise benötigt, um Ihnen die Warenkorb-Funktion über mehrere Seiten hinweg anzubieten. Darüber hinaus verwenden wir auch Cookies, die auf der Festplatte bei Ihnen verbleiben. Bei einem weiteren Besuch wird dann automatisch erkannt, dass Sie bereits bei uns waren und welche Eingaben und Einstellungen Sie bevorzugen. Diese temporären oder auch permanenten Cookies (Lebensdauer 1 Monat bis 10 Jahre) werden auf Ihrer Festplatte gespeichert und löschen sich nach der vorgegebenen Zeit von allein. Insbesondere diese Cookies dienen dazu, unser Angebot nutzerfreundlicher, effektiver und sicherer zu machen. Der ausschließliche Zweck dieser Cookies besteht darin, unser Angebot Ihren Kundenwünschen bestmöglich anzupassen und Ihnen das Surfen bei uns so komfortabel wie möglich zu gestalten. 
    3.3 Welche Daten sind in den Cookies gespeichert? In den verwendeten Cookies werden lediglich pseudonyme Daten gespeichert. Bei Aktivierung des Cookies wird diesem eine Identifikationsnummer zugewiesen und eine Zuordnung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten zu dieser Identifikationsnummer wird nicht vorgenommen. Ihr Name, Ihre IP-Adresse oder ähnliche Daten, die eine Zuordnung des Cookies zu Ihnen ermöglichen würde, werden nicht in gespeichert. Auf Basis der Cookie-Technologie erhalten wir lediglich pseudonymisierte Informationen, beispielsweise darüber, welche Seiten unseres Shops besucht wurden, welche Produkte angesehen wurden, etc. 
    3.4 Re-Targeting 
    Unsere Webseiten betreiben kein Re-Targeting. 
    3.5 Wie können Sie die Speicherung von Cookies verhindern? 
    In Ihrem Browser können Sie einstellen, dass eine Speicherung von Cookies nur akzeptiert wird, wenn Sie dem zustimmen. Sie können dafür die Einstellung in Ihrem Browser "Cookies von Drittanbietern blockieren" wählen. In der Regel wird Ihnen in der Menüleiste Ihres Webbrowsers über die Hilfe-Funktion angezeigt, wie Sie neue Cookies abweisen und bereits erhaltene ausschalten und löschen können. 
    Bei jedem Zugriff auf unsere Seiten werden Nutzungsdaten durch den jeweiligen Internetbrowser übermittelt und in Protokolldateien, den sogenannten Server-Logfiles, gespeichert. Die dabei gespeicherten Datensätze enthalten die folgenden Daten: Datum und Uhrzeit des Abrufs, Name der aufgerufenen Seite, IP-Adresse, Referrer-URL (Herkunfts-URL, von der aus Sie auf die Webseiten gekommen sind), die übertragene Datenmenge, sowie Produkt und Versions-Informationen des verwendeten Browsers. Die IP-Adressen der Nutzer werden nach Beendigung der Nutzung gelöscht oder anonymisiert. Bei einer Anonymisierung werden die IP-Adressen derart geändert, dass die Einzelangaben über persönliche oder sachliche Verhältnisse nicht mehr oder nur mit einem unverhältnismäßig großen Aufwand einer bestimmten oder bestimmbaren natürlichen Person zugeordnet werden können. 
    4.1 Kontaktaufnahme
    Bei der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns (z.B. per Kontaktformular, email oder Telefon) werden die Angaben des Nutzers zur Bearbeitung der Kontaktanfrage und deren Abwicklung erhoben. Die Angaben der Nutzer können in einem Customer-Relationship-Management System ("CRM System") oder elektronischem Adressbuch gespeichert werden. Wir löschen die Anfragen, sofern diese nicht mehr erforderlich sind. 
    4.2.Kommentare und Beiträge
    Wenn Nutzer Kommentare oder sonstige Beiträge auf meinem Blog hinterlassen, können wir ihre IP-Adressen auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen gespeichert werden. Das erfolgt zu unserer Sicherheit, falls jemand widerrechtliche Inhalte hinterlässt (Beleidigungen, verbotene politische Propaganda, usw.). In diesem Fall könnten wir selbst für den Kommentar belangt werden und sind daher an der Identität des Verfassers interessiert. Weiterhin behalten wir uns vor, auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen, die Angaben der Nutzer zwecks Spamvermeidung zu verarbeiten. Dazu nutzen wir auch den google reCaptcha Dienst. 
    4.3. Google reCaptcha
    Zum Schutz Ihrer Anfragen per Internetformular verwenden wir den Dienst reCAPTCHA des Unternehmens Google Inc. (Google). Die Abfrage dient der Unterscheidung, ob die Eingabe durch einen Menschen oder missbräuchlich durch automatisierte, maschinelle Verarbeitung erfolgt. Die Abfrage schließt den Versand der IP-Adresse und ggf. weiterer von Google für den Dienst reCAPTCHA benötigter Daten an Google ein. Zu diesem Zweck wird Ihre Eingabe an Google übermittelt und dort weiterverwendet. Ihre IP-Adresse wird von Google jedoch innerhalb von Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union oder in anderen Vertragsstaaten des Abkommens über den Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum zuvor gekürzt. Nur in Ausnahmefällen wird die volle IP-Adresse an einen Server von Google in den USA übertragen und dort gekürzt. Im Auftrag des Betreibers dieser Website wird Google diese Informationen benutzen, um Ihre Nutzung dieses Dienstes auszuwerten. Die im Rahmen von reCaptcha von Ihrem Browser übermittelte IP-Adresse wird nicht mit anderen Daten von Google zusammengeführt. Für diese Daten gelten die abweichenden Datenschutzbestimmungen des Unternehmens Google. Weitere Informationen zu den Datenschutzrichtlinien von Google finden Sie unter: https://www.google.com/intl/de/policies/privacy/
    5 Einbindung von Diensten und Inhalten Dritter, insbesondere google maps und youtube
    Wir setzen innerhalb unseres Onlineangebotes Inhalts- oder Serviceangebote von Drittanbietern ein. Dies bedingt, dass die Drittanbieter dieser Inhalte die IP-Adresse der Nutzer wahrnehmen um sie an deren Browser senden zu könnten. Die IP-Adresse ist damit für die Darstellung dieser Inhalte erforderlich. Wir bemühen uns nur solche Inhalte zu verwenden, deren jeweilige Anbieter die IP-Adresse lediglich zur Auslieferung der Inhalte verwenden. Drittanbieter können außerdem sogenannte Pixel-Tags, auch als Web Beacons genannt, für statistische oder Marketingzwecke verwenden. So können Informationen, wie der Besucherverkehr auf den Seiten dieser Website ausgewertet werden. Die pseudonymen Informationen können ferner in Cookies auf dem Gerät der Nutzer gespeichert werden und unter anderem technische Informationen zum Browser und Betriebssystem, verweisende Webseiten, Besuchszeit sowie weitere Angaben zur Nutzung unseres Onlineangebotes enthalten, als auch mit solchen Informationen aus anderen Quellen verbunden werden.
    Wir nutzen kein google analytics.
    6.2 Facebook
    Wir sind nicht mehr auf facebook und tracken Sie so auch nicht. 
    Wir verwenden keine social plug-ins. Falls Sie unsere Inhalte selbstständig auf sozialen Medien teilen, etwa durch Setzen eines Links, haben wir nichts dagegen. Sie müssen sich aber selbständig mit den Datenschutzbestimmungen der jeweiligen Webseite vertraut machen. 
    Ihre persönlichen Daten werden bei uns sicher durch Verschlüsselung übertragen. Dies gilt für Ihre Bestellung und auch für das Kundenlogin. Wir bedienen uns dabei des Codierungssystems SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Des weiteren sichern wir unsere Webseiten und sonstige Systeme durch technische und organisatorische Maßnahmen gegen Verlust, Zerstörung, Zugriff, Veränderung oder Verbreitung Ihrer Daten durch unbefugte Personen ab.
    Nach dem Bundesdatenschutzgesetz haben die Besucher unserer Webseiten u.a. ein Recht auf unentgeltliche Auskunft über ihre gespeicherten Daten, sowie ggf. ein Recht auf deren Berichtigung, Sperrung oder Löschung. 
    Um eine detaillierte Auskunft zu erhalten, sollte bitte nach Möglichkeit mitgeteilt werden, zu welcher Art von personenbezogenen Daten die Auskunft gewünscht wird. Um sicherstellen zu können, dass die anfragende Person auch die Person ist, für die sie sich ausgibt, benötigen wir einen Nachweis der Identität. Das kann die Kopie eines amtlichen Ausweisdokuments sein. Bitte Seriennummern, Passnummern o.ä. schwärzen oder unkenntlich machen. Wir verwenden diese Kopie ausschließlich zur Identifikation und zur Bearbeitung der Anfrage.
    Richten Sie Ihre Anfrage bitte per E-Mail oder per Post an: 
    Peter Scholten, Dotzheimer Str. 123, 65197 Wiesbaden 
    E-Mail: info@senmotic-wiesbaden.de
    Wir binden die Videos der Plattform “YouTube” des Anbieters Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, ein. Datenschutzerklärung: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/, Opt-Out: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.
    Wir binden die Landkarten des Dienstes “Google Maps” des Anbieters Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, ein. Zu den verarbeiteten Daten können insbesondere IP-Adressen und Standortdaten der Nutzer gehören, die jedoch nicht ohne deren Einwilligung (im Regelfall im Rahmen der Einstellungen ihrer Mobilgeräte vollzogen), erhoben werden. Die Daten können in den USA verarbeitet werden. Datenschutzerklärung: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/, Opt-Out: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.
    Wir nutzen den Provider/Webbaukasten von Jimdo zur Erhebung von Nutzerstatistiken und zur Rechnungserstellung. Jimdo GmbH Stresemannstr. 375 22761 Hamburg
    (Deutsche Version below)
    On websites of Peter Scholten
    Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. Therefore I have reduced the data to be collected about you on my websites to the minimum and protected in the best possible way. You can find out how this is done in detail and how we have implemented the DSGVO (GDPR) here. 
    I follow the following principles:
    Your data will only be collected and shared with service providers to the extent that it is used for communication or to fulfil a contract concluded with you.
    Communication is exclusively on the subject of fascia and health
    Your data will never be passed on to third parties for advertising purposes.
    Person responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act Peter Scholten, Dotzheimer Str. 123, 65197 Wiesbaden. 
    If you wish to object to the collection, processing or use of your data by my website(s) in accordance with these data protection regulations as a whole or for individual measures, you can send your objection by e-mail or letter to the following contact data:
    Peter Scholten, Dotzheimer Str. 123, 65197 Wiesbaden, Germany 
    E-mail: info@senmotic-wiesbaden.de 
    In addition, you can of course also receive information about the data stored by us free of charge at any time.
    Personal data is information about the factual or personal circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person. This includes, for example, your name, your telephone number, your address and IP address, such as when you send us a message or place an order. Statistical data that we collect when you visit our website, for example, that cannot be directly linked to your person, are not included here. 
    To view the online course at teachable.com (or usefedora.com) you must set up a password-protected, personal account. 
    Here you can view and manage data about the courses you have taken. You undertake to treat the personal access data confidentially and not to make them accessible to any unauthorised third parties. We cannot accept liability for misused passwords, unless we are responsible for the misuse. For security reasons, however, you will be asked to enter your password if, for example, your personal data is to be changed or you wish to place an order.
    We collect, store and process your data for the entire processing of your purchase and booking of services or access to the online course, including possible later guarantees, for our customer service, technical administration and communication. Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties or otherwise transmitted if this is necessary for the purpose of contract processing or billing or if you have given your prior consent (e.g. for our newsletter). Within the framework of order processing, for example, the service providers we use here (such as transport services, logistics, banks) receive the necessary data for order and order processing. The data passed on in this way may only be used by our service providers for the fulfilment of their tasks. Any other use of the information is not permitted and will not be made by any of the service providers entrusted by us. For shipping orders we need your correct name, address and payment data. We need your e-mail address so that we can confirm your order and dispatch and communicate with you. Also with registrations to the info evening we collect these data, in order to receive only seriously meant promises.
    You will also receive your order and shipping confirmation via your e-mail address. Your personal data will be deleted if there are no legal storage obligations to the contrary and if you have asserted a claim for deletion, if the data is no longer required to fulfil the purpose for which it was stored or if its storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons.
    In addition to processing your data to process your purchase, we also use your data to communicate with you about your orders, certain products or marketing campaigns and to recommend products or services that might be of interest to you. You can object to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes at any time, either as a whole or for individual measures, without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according to the basic rates. A message in text form to the contact data (e.g. e-mail, fax, letter) mentioned under point 1 is sufficient for this.
    3 COOKIES - and an affiliate link to Senmotic products
    We do not use cookies that allow us to track your behaviour on the net and we do not pass on such data. The only exception is a so-called affiliate link to Senmotic products on the websites of Frank Demann. Here we receive a small premium if you purchase a product through our site. We are also happy to delete this data immediately upon informal request. 
    Accepting cookies is not a prerequisite for visiting our website. However, we would like to point out that our website and service have only limited functionalities if you do not allow us to set cookies. 
    3.1 What are cookies? Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer and that store certain settings and data for exchange with our system via your browser. Basically there are 2 different types of cookies, so-called session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies, which are stored on your data carrier for a longer period or indefinitely. This storage helps us to avoid repeated logins to the online course or to be able to carry out the purchase transaction in the online shop.
    3.2 Which cookies do we use? Most of the cookies we use are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of the browser session (hence session cookies). Session cookies are required, for example, to offer you the shopping basket function across several pages. In addition, we also use cookies that remain on your hard drive. During a further visit it is then automatically recognized that you have already been with us and which entries and settings you prefer. These temporary or permanent cookies (lifetime 1 month to 10 years) are stored on your hard disk and delete themselves after the specified time. These cookies in particular serve to make our website more user-friendly, effective and secure. The sole purpose of these cookies is to adapt our offer to your customer wishes in the best possible way and to make your browsing with us as comfortable as possible. 
    3.3 Which data is stored in the cookies? Only pseudonymous data is stored in the cookies used. When the cookie is activated, it is assigned an identification number and your personal data is not assigned to this identification number. Your name, IP address or similar data that would allow the cookie to be assigned to you will not be stored in. Based on the cookie technology, we only receive pseudonymous information, for example about which pages of our shop have been visited, which products have been viewed, etc. We do not collect any personal data from you. 
    3.4 Re-targeting 
    Our websites do not retarget. 
    3.5 How can you prevent the storage of cookies? 
    In your browser you can set that a storage of cookies is only accepted if you agree. You can select the setting in your browser "Block third party cookies". Usually, the help function in the menu bar of your web browser shows you how to reject new cookies and how to switch off and delete cookies already received. 
    With each access to our pages, usage data is transmitted through the respective Internet browser and stored in log files, the so-called server log files. The data records stored in this way contain the following data: Date and time of access, name of the page accessed, IP address, referrer URL (originating URL from which you accessed the website), the amount of data transferred, as well as product and version information of the browser used. The IP addresses of the users are deleted or made anonymous after the end of use. In the case of anonymisation, the IP addresses are changed in such a way that the individual information about personal or factual circumstances can no longer be assigned to a specific or identifiable natural person, or only with a disproportionately large effort. 
    4.1 Contacting us
    When contacting us (e.g. via contact form, email or telephone), the user's details are collected for processing the contact request and its handling. User information can be stored in a customer relationship management system ("CRM system") or electronic address book. We delete the requests if they are no longer necessary. 
    4.2 Comments and contributions
    When users leave comments or other posts on my blog, we may store their IP addresses based on our legitimate interests. This is for our safety, if someone leaves illegal contents (insults, forbidden political propaganda, etc.). In this case we could be prosecuted for the comment ourselves and are therefore interested in the identity of the author. Furthermore, we reserve the right, on the basis of our legitimate interests, to process the information provided by users in order to avoid spam. For this we also use the google reCaptcha service. 
    4.3 Google reCaptcha
    We use the service reCAPTCHA of the company Google Inc. to protect your inquiries via internet form. (Google). The query serves to differentiate whether the input is made by a person or abusively by automated, machine processing. The query includes sending the IP address and any other data required by Google for the reCAPTCHA service to Google. For this purpose your input will be transmitted to Google and used there. However, Google will previously reduce your IP address within member states of the European Union or in other states party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of this service. The IP address transmitted by your browser within the scope of reCaptcha is not merged with other Google data. The deviating data protection regulations of the company Google apply to this data. For more information about Google's privacy policy, please visit: https://www.google.com/intl/de/policies/privacy/
    5 Integration of third-party services and content, in particular google maps and youtube
    We use content or service offers from third parties within our online offer. This requires that the third party providers of this content perceive the IP address of the users in order to be able to send them to their browser. The IP address is therefore required for the display of this content. We make every effort to use only those contents whose respective providers use the IP address only for the delivery of the contents. Third-party providers may also use pixel tags, also known as web beacons, for statistical or marketing purposes. This allows information such as visitor traffic on the pages of this website to be evaluated. The pseudonymous information may also be stored in cookies on the user's device and may include technical information about the browser and operating system, referring websites, visiting time and other information about the use of our online offer, as well as be linked to such information from other sources.
    We do not use google analytics.
    6.2 Facebook
    We are no longer on facebook and so we don't track you. 
    We do not use social plug-ins. If you share our content independently on social media, for example by setting a link, we have nothing against it. However, you must independently familiarize yourself with the data protection provisions of the respective website. 
    Your personal data is transmitted securely by encryption. This applies to your order and also to the customer login. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding system. Furthermore, we protect our websites and other systems by technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons.
    According to the Federal Data Protection Act, visitors to our website have the right to free information about their stored data, as well as the right to correct, block or delete such data. 
    In order to obtain detailed information, please indicate, if possible, the type of personal data on which the information is requested. To ensure that the person making the request is also the person for whom he or she claims to be, we require proof of identity. This can be a copy of an official identification document. Please blacken or obscure serial numbers, passport numbers, etc. We use this copy exclusively to identify and process the request.
    Please send your request by e-mail or by post: 
    Peter Scholten, Dotzheimer Str. 123, 65197 Wiesbaden, Germany 
    E-mail: info@senmotic-wiesbaden.de
    We integrate the videos of the platform "YouTube" of the provider Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Privacy Policy: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/, Opt-Out: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.
    We integrate the maps of the service "Google Maps" of the provider Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The processed data may include in particular IP addresses and location data of the users, which, however, are not collected without their consent (as a rule within the framework of the settings of their mobile devices). The data can be processed in the USA. Privacy Policy: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/, Opt-Out: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated.
    We use Jimdo's provider/web construction kit to collect user statistics and create invoices. Jimdo GmbH Stresemannstr. 375 22761 Hamburg Germany